SBA HEAVY DUTY /es-bē-ā hevē-d(y)oodē/:

1. An instrument of unfathomable rigidness. 2. Heavy Duty truck and bus alignment system built on the SBA platform. 3. Pure Green LED technology architecturally capable of reaching unconventional distances between axles. synonyms: rock-solid, rigid, sound, extensive.




sba hd unit

SBA Heavy duty aligners bring it all together into one sturdy console for convenience and efficiency in HD alignment service work.
All systems have 8 Sensor Wireless operation

  • SBA COMPLETE HD Kit Includes:
  • 4 - 8 Sensor Technology drop-down wheel units
  • High end Cabinet
  • Windows 7 PC, 22” High Resolution flat screen display with TOUCH SCREEN technology
  • Wireless Wheel Units,
  • Express Rim Clamps,
  • Interface box
  • Software and operating accessories.

Our Heavy duty alignment system is also compatible with our Universal Service Bay configuration.


  • Wheel units allow up to 8 degrees of tilt up or tilt down to clear under truck obstructions such as mud flaps, fenders and spoilers.
  • Wireless configurations
  • Easy calibration in the field.
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Can independently charge and work at the same time.