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DIMENSION 4 /dih-men-tshun fôr/:

1. High Definition projection wheel alignment system. 2. Equipped with digital imaging technology. 3. Featuring automatic height detection for rapid procedures. 4. Efficient design interpretation of the classic 3D System set apart by options of the Standard or Spider Clamp. synonyms: sturdy, vigorous, luminous.




The Dimension 4 uses the latest generation imaging technology for data acquisition. It utilizes high resolution scientific cameras combined with unique alignment software. Its affordability and easy serviceability makes the dimension 4 the ideal aligner for any shop.






With the Dimension 4's optional CHASER-MATIC configuration, the cameras move automatically on the boom along with the movement of the vehicle on the alignment lift. This ensures that all measurements can be done at the floor level and ajustments can be made at any convenient height.