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SBA /es-bē-ā/:

1. Single Bay Alignment system. 2. Tried and true traditional rim clamp & wheel sensor wheel alignment system. 3. Model engineered by Cartek in 2010 as the reliable tool for the traditional alignment Tech. 4. The result of decades of collaboration with automotive professionals. 5. Featuring a variety of rugged configurations and options. synonyms: simple, proven, known, established.





The SBA alignment system is the core wheel aligner offered by Cartek designed for light passenger vehicles and heavy duty applications.

Available in a variety of configurations, choose from systems employing Standard or Express rim clamps, wheel units, a fast computer, rugged rolling cabinet and high resolution touchscreen monitor, or our basic system consisting of Standard or Express rim clamps and wheel units only. The end user supplies a laptop or desktop computer interface for this system.


No matter which configuration you choose, there's an SBA aligner for every budget.


Standard vs. Express?


The difference between our SBA Standard and Express configurations is the rim clamps.




  • The SBA Standard utilizes our conventional all aluminum rim clamp that hooks directly to the rim.
  • The SBA Express utilizes our revolutionary Spider Clamp that has various mounting options as shown below:

Tire Pad Adapter

Our most popular adapter, legs securely grab the outside of the tire and these adapters harmlessly make contact with the tire. Perfect for high end rims were a delicate touch is important

Bullet Adapter

Outer legs grab securely around the tire and make harmless contact with the rim via a non-marring plastic bullet tip.


Standard Hook Adapter

Attaches directly between the rim and tire.

Grabber Arms

Aluminum arms with grippy feet hold on tight to the tire pressing the desired feet selection against front of tire.

Fully Adjustable

Spider clamps are fully adjustable able to accomodate rims from 12" to 28".