MULTI-TEK /mɘltē-tek/:

1. Introduced in 2014, a True innovation in portability. 2. Portable Wheel Alignment System worn on wrist or attached to any metal surface. 3. The result of a steadfast resolve to revolutionize the concept of aligning a vehicle. 4. Featuring unique capabilities to interface between office and shop personnel. 5. An Iconic touch-screen instrument embraced by alignment Technicians to significantly reduce the time spent performing wheel alignments. synonyms: revolutionary, freedom, robust, compact, futuristic, practical.





The heart of the Universal Service Bay (USB) is the Multi-Tek portable alignment device. This patented powerhouse has very practical features such as a large full color HD display with Touch Screen technology and a built in camera.   

The Multi-Tek communicates with a high performance server that has a tremendous capability to process information back and forth.

This server communicates via wireless technology at a frequency of 2.4Ghz to one, two, three, four or up to five sets of wheel units (bays) simultaneously, and processes all the data measured by the Wheel Units.

The Server also facilitates reporting by communicating with an office computer to send and retrieve customer data.

It does not get any easier, the state of the art Multi-Tek features the latest processor technology that allows the technician to perform full alignment procedures at an arm distance, thus replacing the need to have computers and/or platforms around the shop      

True portability is now in demand, the new Multi-Tek is not only the smallest aligner in the world but also the most portable one. Its wireless capability gives the operator a unique ability to move around the vehicle, whether to make under-vehicle adjustments or to perform any other evaluation or operation around the vehicle.



UNIVERSAL SERVICE BAY /yo͞onəˈvərsəl sərvəs bā /:
1. A single shop service bay that allows the user to perform many automotive services. synonyms: symplicity, space savings.





USB - Universal Service Bay , The simplest and most economic bay that allows you to perform all services around the vehicle including wheel Alignment! Using a standard 2-post lift bay in combination with your 4 x Alignment Stands, you are able to not only perform all the normal maintenance jobs such as oil change, brakes, mufflers etc., but you are also able to quickly setup your stands for a full 4-wheel alignment job.



The Multi-Tek’s built in high resolution camera and powerful LED the operator to capture images of damaged parts of the vehicle and instantly share them with the Service Manager or vehicle’s owner. The standard format images can be displayed monitors in the waiting room, or emailed to customer who may have left the premises.





The newly designed office software has many significant benefits:

  • Monitor and track operator’s productivity
  • Keep detailed records of each customer’s service history
  • Store all photos for quick reference

Real estate is not getting cheaper......
Take a look at the space needed in a shop to move vehicles around from the alignment bay to all the other bays , take a look at the space needed in a shop to install and operate a full alignment lift (4-post or scissor lifts).

With the USB concept, and by using the portable stands, you no longer move vehicles around. As a result up to 40% of actual real state in a shop can be saved.


Every time an alignment is performed and it’s determined that parts need to be replaced, usually you will end up moving the vehicle to a different bay so that you can free up the alignment bay.  This movement usually takes a minimum of 20 minutes per vehicle -- including mounting and de-mounting of the alignment instrumentation.

With the USB now you no longer need to move vehicles from the alignment dedicated bay to other bays for parts replacements and/or repairs, you can perform the alignment check and also replace parts in the same bay. if you need to perform an alignment on a different vehicle, you simply slide your stands to a different bay--No more moving vehicles from bay to bay + no more time wasting!


A key component to the USB system is the Cartek Wheel Alignment Stand. This rugged aluminum and steel stand allows you to perform a complete alignment on your existing 2 post lift.







Convenience & Affordability

True savings in your up-front investment.

You no longer need to invest large amounts of money in specialized alignment lifts (4-post or scissor lifts) For a fraction of that typical investment, and using your existing 2-post lifts in combination with the alignment stands, you can now also perform wheel alignments with a real fast return of your investment.






The foot of each stand is equipped with a high tension spring and bearing system for easy maneuverability.

When there is no vehicle on the stand. the feet remain raised with only the bearing contacting the floor. This allows for easy rolling. When in place under a raised vehicle, each foot can be twisted to level the stands.  

As soon as the weight of a vehicle is applied, the spring compresses placing the foot squarely on the floor safely prohibiting movement.