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CARTEK ROBOTICS /kär-tek rō-bä-tiks/:

1. Today's most prestigious Wheel Alignment System. 2. A New archetype of style, precision and reliability. 3. Equipped with unique Robotic Technology. 4. Automated process and Clamp-less Design. 5. Born to exceed the speed of traditional Wheel Alignment.6. Rated as an indispensable Instrument by Vehicle manufacturers. synonyms: Contemporary performance, technologically advanced, lightning-fast.




The CARTEK Robotic Wheel Alignment System was “Born” in the Car Factories of the world, where two elements are critical:

Fast Results & Consistently Reliable Results

The CARTEK Robotic System gives automotive shops the ability to have the same cutting edge technology as the world’s vehicle manufacturers at affordable prices while achieving factory performance and accuracy.


Special Production of Truck Units for Multi Axle Heavy Duty Trucks, articulated Buses, and any kind of heavy equipment that will require alignment among the different axles.

Cartek Robotics technology aligning
the Audi R8 at the Audi factory



Also Available is our High Production Industrial Unit that uses a configuration of 4 Robots
( two per side ) for complete readings in under two minutes.


This alignment technology has aligned more vehicles than any other system in the world. We have redesigned it to be ideal for high-end vehicle service work or dealerships where volume and repeatability are a must.

The following are the features and benefits of adding a Cartek Robotics System to your shop:

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Compatible with four post lifts, scissor lifts and ground pits.
  • Brilliant illuminated Cartek Roboitcs logo.
  • Absolutely NO light intrusion. Workable accurate and FAST under any type of light or environment.
  • The Robots will find the vehicle and its position on the rack.
  • The Robots travel to the front axle. If needed, the Run Out compensation is performed and if required the operator will adjust the front axle.
  • Gets readings in 30 seconds.
  • Different diameter sizes are automatically detected with the automatic height adjustment of the Robots.
  • In only seconds and without intervention of the operator, the Toe and Camber values ( independent and total ) are displayed.
  • If required a Caster Swing will be then performed and the Caster and Steering Axle data acquired.


  • Extremely precise system to measure and record the Geometry of a Suspension.
  • Direct measurement of the Thrust Line providing an accurate alignment all the time.
  • Compatible with all types of vehicles.    
  • In all the Robotics systems the Turning Plates are permanently floating and do not require the use of Locking Pins.
  • Patented Robotics Technology
  • Fastest Wheel Alignment System in the industry
  • Clamp-less System
  • Same Quality as the Vehicle Manufacturer’s “End-of-the-Line” Aligners
  • Robotic Systems never touches the Rim, safely taking measurements without the Risk of damage.
  • OEM Approved
Angles that can be read
Toe - One side and total Front and Rear
Camber - Two sides Front and Rear
Caster - Indirect measurement at 20° Front
King Pin - Indirect measurement at 20° Front
Steering Angle - Measured at 20° Front
Thrust Line Degrees and Minutes
Wheel Base (in mm) Left/Right/Comparation
Toe (One Side) +/- 8º
Camber +/- 8º
Precision and Tolerance
Toe (One Side) Measured against the Star +/- 1 Minute
Camber Measured against the Star +/- 1 Minute
Caster +/- 5 Minute
King pin in accordance to the vehicle +/- 10 Minute
Toe out angle +/- 5 Minute
Driving Speed of the Robots
11.9" (300 mm) per second
Size Specifications
Robot Weight (Each): 90 Lbs (Approx.)